30 Years of EQUIFASE

30 Years of EQUIFASE

«Properties of Fluids and Phase Equilibria for Chemical Process Design» was the name given to the meeting that started, in March 1987, the EQUIFASE series of Latin American conferences on properties and phase equilibria. The first of these conferences was organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Concepcion. Dr. Ricardo Reich Albertz was the President of the Organizing Committee. The conference was supported by UNESCO, CONICYT, University of Concepción and the Chemical and Mining Society of Chile, among other sponsors.

The meeting was attended by around 80 researchers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA, Denmark, Mexico and Venezuela. Among the attendees it is worth mentioning the participation of several researchers who gave continuity to this series, organizing the conferences of: Salvador de Bahía, Brazil (Torres Marchal and Rajagopal); Mexico City, Mexico (Arturo Trejo); Caracas, Venezuela (Claudio Olivera). This last conference was attended by Alberto Arce and José Tojo, who would organize the next edition in Vigo, Spain, as an Ibero-American conference, with the name EQUIFASE.

The meeting in Concepción began with a Plenary Conference given by Prof. Peter Rasmussen, Kemiteknik, DTU, Denmark, on «Some Impressions from the Elsinore Conference», in reference to the fourth edition of the PPEPPD international congress that took place in Elsinor, Denmark in 1986. Within the agenda of the Concepción conference, there were three intensive courses given by Professors John O’Connell (Solution Thermodynamics), Peter Rasmussen (Phase Equilibria by Group Contribution) and Esteban Brignole (Applications of Process Thermodynamics)

It is worth mentioning the seminal nature of the Concepción conference, which housed the protagonists of the continuity and successful construction of an active Ibero-American research community in phase equilibrium and properties for process design.


The Organizing Committee is deeply grateful for the contributions of Esteban Brignole, Susana Bottini and John O’Connell in the preparation of this report.


30 Años de EQUIFASE

“Propiedades de los Fluidos y Equilibrio de Fases para el Diseño de Procesos Químicos” es el nombre con que se inició, hace 30 años, en Marzo de 1987, la serie EQUIFASE de conferencias Latinoamericanas sobre propiedades y equilibrio entre fases.  La primera de estas conferencias fue organizada por el Departamento de Ingeniería Química de la Universidad de Concepción. El Dr. Ricardo Reich Albertz fue el Presidente del Comité Organizador y la misma contó con el apoyo de la UNESCO, el CONICYT de Chile, la Universidad de Concepción y la Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile, entre otros auspiciantes.

A la conferencia asistieron alrededor de 80 investigadores de Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, EEUU, Dinamarca, Méjico y Venezuela. Entre los asistentes cabe señalar la participación de varios investigadores que dieron continuidad a esta serie, organizando las conferencias de: Salvador de Bahía, Brasil (Torres Marchal y Rajagopal); Ciudad de México, México (Arturo Trejo); Caracas, Venezuela (Claudio Olivera). A esta última conferencia asistieron Alberto Arce y José Tojo, quienes organizarían la siguiente edición en Vigo, España, ya con carácter de conferencia iberoamericana y con el nombre EQUIFASE.

La reunión de Concepción se inició con una Conferencia Plenaria dictada por el Prof. Peter Rasmussen, Kemiteknik, DTU, Dinamarca, sobre “Some Impressions from the Elsinore Conference”, en referencia a la cuarta edición del congreso internacional PPEPPD, que tuviera lugar en Elsinor, Dinamarca en 1986. En el marco del congreso de Concepción se desarrollaron tres cursos intensivos que estuvieron a cargo de los Profesores John O´Connell (Solution Thermodynamics), Peter Rasmussen (Phase Equilibria by Group Contribution) y Esteban Brignole (Termodinámica de Procesos: Aplicaciones)

Cabe destacar entonces el carácter seminal de la conferencia de Concepción, que albergó en su seno a los protagonistas de su continuidad y del éxito alcanzado en la construcción de una activa comunidad iberoamericana de investigación en equilibrio entre fases y propiedades para el diseño de procesos.


El Comité Organizador agradece profundamente las contribuciones de Esteban Brignole, Susana Bottini y John O’Connell en la preparación de esta memoria.


Córdoba is one of the 23 provinces of Argentine. Located in the Central Region, it borders on the north with the province of Catamarca and Santiago del Estero, on the east with Santa Fe, on the southeast with Buenos Aires, on the south with La Pampa, and on the west with San Luis and La Rioja.



Córdoba is the second most populated metropolis of Argentina. This city has important historical, cultural and tourist attractions, such as the Cathedral Church, the traditional San Martín Square, the San Martín Theater, the Walk of the Good Shepherd, the Ferreyra Palace, the Emilio Caraffa Museum, the Natural Sciences Museum and the valuable Jesuit Block, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

In spite of its latitude, the climate of the city of Cordova, like that of the greater part of the province, is moderated temperate with the four well defined seasons. In general terms the climate is Pampa with dry season, where the winters are not very rigorous and the rains are scarce and the summers are wet, of hot days and fresh nights.

For more information: http://www2.cordoba.gov.ar/turismo/



Villa Carlos Paz is one of the most outstanding cities of the Punilla Valley. It’s located just 36 km. from the city of Córdoba capital. Its original nucleus is located on the shores of Lake San Roque, at 600 masl, in the south of the Punilla Valley and at the foot of the High Heights.
The urban center of Villa Carlos Paz is crossed by the San Antonio River, which represent the most important tourist attractions during the summer, in whose waters thousands of visitors immerse themselves.

This city offers tourist attractions for all tastes, among them are the Cu-Cu Clock built by germans and located on the route to the Valley of Punilla, the Aerosilla Complex that goes up the Cerro La Cruz of 960 masl and the La Cruz Monument, from where you get beautiful panoramic views of the Punilla Valley. The wonderful landscape of mountains and rivers adds to the comfort of its services and infrastructure.

For more information: http://www.villacarlospaz.tur.ar/


EQUIFASE 2018 will be held at Portal del Lago Hotel, one of the  leading hotels of Villa Carlos Paz. Their location beside San Roque lake offers a timeless setting to enjoy the hills of Córdoba at any time of the year.

Situated a 40 minutes from the international airport Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella and the city centre of Córdoba, the hotel enjoys an exceptional location. The peaceful atmosphere of the mountain ranges and the lake creates the perfect fusion between business and leisure.

As specialists in the creation and organization of conferences, conventions and meetings, Portal del Lago Hotel will provide assistance every step of the way as well as contribute to be EQUIFASE a great event.

For more information: http://www.portaldelago.com.ar/en/




EQUIFASE 2018 will have the following topics of interest:

  1. Measurement of Thermodynamic Properties. Phase Equilibria and Chemical Equilibria.
  2. Theory and Modelling: Statistical Thermodynamic, Equations of State, Activity Coefficient Models, Molecular Simulation and Multiscale Simulation.
  3. Alternative solvents. Supercritical fluids. Ionic liquids.
  4. Energy. Gas and oil. Petrochemicals. Environment and sustainability.
  5. Biomolecules and Biotechnology.
  6. Product and Process Design. Databases and Software.
  7. Education


In April 1983, the third International Conference on Fluid Properties and Phase Equilibria for Chemical Process Design took place in Callaway Gardens, Georgia, USA. This event stimulated the Latin American participants to organize an International Course on the Thermodynamics of Phase Equilibria in Bahía Blanca (Argentine), in July 1984. This course brought a large number of participants from industry and universities, giving the chance to program scientific and technical interchange activities in the field of vapor–liquid equilibrium for process design. This was the first step for the series of EQUIFASE Conferences reported below, being held periodically:

EQUIFASE 1987 – Concepción, Chile

EQUIFASE 1990 – Salvador de Bahía, Brazil

EQUIFASE 1992 – Oaxaca, México

EQUIFASE 1995 – Caracas, Venezuela

EQUIFASE 1999 – Vigo, Spain

EQUIFASE 2002 – Foz de Iguaçu, Brazil and Argentine

EQUIFASE 2006 – Morelia, Mexico

EQUIFASE 2009 – Praia da Rocha, Portugal

EQUIFASE 2012 – Puerto Varas, Chile

EQUIFASE 2015 – Alicante, Spain

EQUIFASE 2018 – Córdoba, Argentine

The general purpose of the EQUIFASE Conference is to promote the Scientific and Technologic exchange between people from both the academic and the industrial environment from the European and American Continents in the field of Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamic Properties for the Design of Chemical Processes. The main topics of this Conference are related to measurement, modeling, prediction and simulation of physical–chemical properties concerning product and process design.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are very pleased to invite you to the XI Iberoamerican Conference on Phase Equilibria and Fluid Properties for Process Design EQUIFASE 2018 that will be held in Córdoba (Argentina) from October 22 – 25, 2018.

Thirty years after its first edition, EQUIFASE is coming back to the south, once again.

The scientific program will provide an opportunity for participants to exchange new ideas and information on many important topics in phase equilibria and fluid properties. It will include high-standard plenary and keynote lectures from both academia and industry. Following the tradition from previous EQUIFASE Conferences, a broad range of specific topics will be covered.

You are cordially invited to attend EQUIFASE 2018, to meet colleagues and friends and enjoy your stay in the city of Carlos Paz, located in a valley of Córdoba Province, surrounded by hills and with a beautiful view to the lake, during the nice spring climate of October.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference!


Lucio Cardozo-Filho

Universidade Estadual de Maringa and Centro Universitário Fundação de Ensino Octávio Bastos, Brazil.

Martín Cismondi

Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo en Ingeniería de Procesos y Química Aplicada (CONICET-UNC) and Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.



On behalf of the Organizing Committee of EQUIFASE 2018 is a pleasure to inform that the winner of the Esteban Brignole Award is:

Prof. João Manuel Costa de Araújo Pereira Coutinho

University of Aveiro, Chemistry Department, Portugal


As the winner of the award, he will be the guest speaker commissioned to deliver the Esteban Brignole Lecture.

Professor Esteban A. Brignole is recognized as the most prominent figure in the area of Applied Thermodynamics in Latin America. His major research contributions are the pioneering work on molecular design of solvents and the novel integration of rigorous thermodynamic methods to process engineering, which have gained him international recognition.


The leitmotif of his 50-year-long career has been the development of Chemical Engineering in Iberoamerican countries, where he has contributed to the establishment of successful programs of industry/academy collaboration and international cooperation. His idea of organizing EQUIFASE, while still in the early stages of his career, is an example of successful action to promote regional integration.


The most prominent characteristic of his personality is his passion for progress and innovation, following Professor Brignole’s favorite quote from George Bernard Shaw:


“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”



As the person who gives its name to the prize, nominees to the Esteban A. Brignole Award are expected to combine technical excellence with selfless service to promote progress, innovation, and collaboration. Regardless of their country of origin, candidates should be professionals working in South America, Central America, Portugal or Spain, either in the academic or industrial sectors. Nominees for the Esteban A. Brignole Award should have attended at least one of the previous EQUIFASE Conferences and must be age 50 or less on December 31, 2018. Members of the Local Organizing Committee are not eligible for the Award. Self-nominations will not be considered.


The members of the International Scientific Committee will vote to select the winner, in a selection process coordinated by Profs. Susana Bottini and Fred Tavares. In the case that a member of the International Committee is nominated as a valid candidate for the Award, this person will not vote and will be absolutely excluded from discussions related to the selection process. The winner, to be announced on the first week of July 2018, will be a guest speaker at EQUIFASE 2018, delivering the Esteban A. Brignole Lecture.


DEADLINE for nominations: May 13, 2018


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