1) Make a bank transfer to the following account:

Beneficiary: Fundación para la Innovación y Transferencia de Tecnología – Innova-T

CBU: 01702912–20000000173984

Cuenta Corriente: 291–1739/8

CUIT: 30-66317036-4

Additional data for international transfers:*

Intermediary Bank: Standard Chartered Bank

Swift Code: SCBLUS33

ABA: 026002561

Address: 1 Av. Madison, 3 rd. Floor – New York USA

Beneficiary Bank: BBVA Banco Francés S. A.


Address: Reconquista 199 (C1003ABC) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina

* There is an additional tax of USD 60 per each international bank transfer made, which the participant(s) must cover.

For example:

– A single payment in case of a «Conference Participant» must transfer:

USD 400 + USD 60 = USD 460

– A joint payment in case of two «Conference Participants» and one «Student Participant» must transfer:

2 x USD 400 + USD 300 + USD 60 = USD 1160

In short, you must add USD 60 for each bank transfer made.

In case you prefer another payment method, please send an e-mail to


2) Fill out the registration form available on the following link:


Please remember that you must attach the transfer receipt in the field «Payment Record»


The amount of the transfer must correspond to the modality of the participant (s) and the dates reported on the following link: