Clint Aichele

Oklahoma State University, United States

Quantifying the Rate of Gas Evolution in Complex Hydrocarbon Systems


María Barrufet

Texas A&M, United States

Phase equilibria in confined spaces (nanopores) and how it changes production strategies from shale gas and oil


Marcelo Castier

Texas A&M, Qatar

Applications of thermodynamics to process safety and to supersonic fluid separators


Walter Chapman

Rice University, United States

Molecular Model of Complex Fluids: Phase Behavior, Microstructure, and Interfacial Behavior


Rafael de Pelegrini Soares

UFRGS , Brazil

A new family of equations of state: COSMO-SAC-Phi


Richard Elliott

University of Akron, United States

An Atomistic Approach to Modeling Interfacial and Transport Properties As Well As Phase Behavior


Rogerio Esposito

Petrobras, Brasil

Compositional Grading in Oil and Gas Reservoirs


Abbas Firoozabadi

RERI, United States

CO2 fracking, phase behavior and flow in shale media


Georgios Kontogeorgis

CERE-DTU, Denmark

Advanced Equations of State – But how much have we advanced Science and Engineering?


Andrés Mejía

Universidad de Concepcion, Chile

From low to high pressure Interfacial properties for fluid mixtures. An interrelated approach based on theory, experiments and molecular simulation


Luis Fernando Mercier Franco 


Thermodynamics of Confined Fluids


Jindal Shah

Oklahoma State University, United States

Thermophysical and phase equilibria properties of binary ionic liquid mixtures


John Shaw

University of Alberta, Canada

An Experimentalist’s Perspective on the Phase Behaviour and Transport Properties of Nano Colloids


Francisco «Paco» Vargas

Rice University, United States

Prediction of the Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbon Mixtures from Optical Properties at Ambient Conditions


Juan Vera and Grazyna Wilczek

McGill University, Canada

General Aspects of Ionic Activities in Aqueous Solutions



João Manuel Costa de Araújo Pereira Coutinho

University of Aveiro, Chemistry Department, Portugal

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